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Marseille offers 42 kilometers of coastline with beaches to suit all tastes. From the busiest to the most quiet, rocky areas and long sandy beaches where places to sunbathe or just to admire the view abound.

Moving towards south you will find the Calanques zone, home to Port Pin, En-Vau Sugiton, Morgiou, Sormiou and Phoceens. Access to the Calanques zone can be done by public transport, which is a good option especially in summer, when car traffic is forbidden in the area. Nearer the city are Bain des Dames and Bonne Brise, small beaches that have no supporting structure nor surveillance, but they offer a magnificent view over the port of Marseille. To get there take the bus line 19. It is also on this line that you reach Pointe Rouge, ideal for those who prefer bathing areas with more comfort and space: in addition to an extensive beach, it has a restaurant, places to change, surveillance, first aid center and children's entertainment equipment. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground but still enjoy sea views and esplanades, nothing like a stroll through Prado, a seaside park that includes an area for skateboards and where they organize in the summer mini- beach football stadiums. Between the Prado and the Old Port are still Prophète and Catalans, two small beaches accessible on line 83.

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