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City Break

Milan is one of the ideal destinations to escape from the routine. Its geographical location and the existence of many flights at excellent prices allow many people to choose the Italian city to spend the weekend or for a mini vacation. Despite being a large city with many inhabitants, the metropolis is welcoming and easy to be visited.

Milan is a perfect city for a rest and to put an end to the accumulated stress after weeks of intense work. Once you land in one of three airports of the city - the best known is the Milan-Malpensa – it is guaranteed that you will enjoy these days of rest. There are good restaurants and places to stroll. Although Milan has a reduced amount of green areas compared to other European cities, there are a variety of parks and gardens in the city. Good examples are the gardens of Porta Venezia, one of the first to open to the public in the metropolis. Don’t miss the Navigli quarter, quiet by day and lively at night. Even the historical city center, always full of tourists, conveys a sense of peace and above all, lots of culture. After visiting monuments, churches and attending a show, give a sweeter flavour to the trip and go to the store Lula Cioccolato, where you’ll find the best chocolates in Milan.

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