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Demystify the idea that Newark is just an airport. There is much to know about this city at the gates of New York, with a strong Portuguese influence. Newark is proud of its multiple roots and a new dynamic, cultural and social, that attracts more and more tourists.

Founded by Puritans, Newark is now a multiracial city, full of dynamism. It is the largest urban area in the state of New Jersey that knows to take advantage of a harbor and an airport, as well as its proximity to New York. The enormous cultural diversity is visible in the trade and restaurants, but also in the city's cultural life, living the excitement of the monthly parades promoted by the various communities. Besides the existence of several concert halls, sport facilities and several art galleries. On a visit to the city a stop at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart it is mandatory, the fifth largest cathedral in North America, with a strong inspiration from the French Gothic. Visit the The Ballantine House, a beautiful house, which can be seen with its original decor, while others were converted into exhibition galleries. Moreover, there is the Lincoln Park Historic District, with an area of 16 thousand square meters and is surrounded by mansions of the nineteenth century, the Branch Brook Park, one of the first public parks in North America, characterized by more than 3,500 cherry trees, lakes and leisure facilities. Newark has a large Portuguese community, where is not difficult to find a place to enjoy the good traditional cuisine. Bairrada, Clamb Bar, Sagres, Iberia and Gaivota are some of the restaurants.

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