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The history of Oslo is the story of the Vikings. The planes intersect and it is impossible to speak of this city without talking about the people of Norway, warriors and adventurers that populated this region. A museum throughout the city causes the past to stand out. Not only that. Learn more about theatre and cinema. They are also historical landmarks of the city.

For those who like culture and history, it is a compulsory visit to the Norsk Folk museum. This is an open-air museum, situated in the middle of a park with over 150 original buildings typically Norwegian from different eras. In summer, the museum performs traditional dances. Also on the peninsula is the museum Bygdoy Viking. Enjoy what's around and get to know more about the history of the country that received these warlike peoples from the eighth century. Take a tour of the still Historiska Museum, which includes three collections: the Ethnographic Museum, the National Collection of Antiquities and the National Collection of Coins and Medals. End the evening strong in the Bay of Oslo (Arkhesus Slott og Festning). Here you can find several museums, and even the Palace of Arkhesus. If you enjoy theatre or cinema, visit the museum Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter. Besides finding the largest collection of modern art in Norway there are still plays, concerts and film screenings. Oh, and the art pieces on display are often exchanged. So go there more than once. You will be surprised.

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