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Pamplona is not just about bullfighting. It is true that the bullfighting tradition and the San Fermín celebrations are legendary in the city located in the old kingdom of Navarra, in the North of Spain. However, there is plenty more to be discovered in Pamplona, also known as one of the most eco-friendly cities in Spain.

Pamplona is the capital of the Navarra Foral Community. It’s an historic city, full of history, old traditions which do not run out during the fiesta brava. In approximately 23 square kilometres, you can find over 200,000 habitants who, despite so much history and so much past, do not have a calm and peaceful life. On the contrary: Pamplona is a city full of movement, life and amusement, with a young spirit.The existence of three universities contributes heavily for this: a young and active population that enjoys always having something to do. Life in Pamplona, between work and fun, seems to last 24 hours every day. Pamplona is a perfect city to get to known by foot and by passing by old streets, observing monuments, enter a bar or café to taste the famous Pintxos (Tapas with a slice of bread).Pamplona is located approximately 90 kilometres from Navarra, in the Cuenca de Pamplona valley, the mountain region in the north of Spain.