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Navarra is one of the greenest areas and most beautiful regions of Spain. In fact, half of the territory is still formed by natural areas. In this context, and because it is located in the mountainous region of Cuenca de Pamplona, the city is perfect to serve as a basis for many activities related to eco-tourism.

Because it is surrounded by a mountain area, the area surrounding Pamplona – with green fields, pine tree forests, valleys and snowy peaks in the Pyrenees, are a calling for those who appreciate tourism around nature. Either you want to walk around the mountains or try all-terrain bikes, or even spend a few days out of town and try rural tourism, the offer is extensive and varied.There are several natural parks that nature lovers will not want to miss, like the Natural Park of Señorío de Bertiz (www.parquedebertiz.es) or the Natural Park of Urbasa-Andía (www.parquedeurbasa.es). To help establish a better route, there are several companies planning guided tours and some sports activities to enjoy impressive landscapes in the region of the Spanish Pyrenees and the Bardenas Reales, which is also a natural reserve (www.bardenasreales.es), considered Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, due to its semi-deserted landscape. Bird observation sites are one of the main attractions and can be found near lagoons, where you can go for walks. There are also nature interpretation centres. Here, renewables energy is a big deal, as well as organic products.

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