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This is one the city’s main attractions: a fun and long night, helped by the presence of young professionals and students from the universities around town. Rule number one. You must visit the Pintxos bars at La Navarrería.

As well as the many bars, cafés and clubs, you can dance all night long. Also, the Basque cuisine is an essential experience. Starting from tapas, you should visit Calle San Nicolas, where you find a variety of delicacies. At Plaza del Castillo, you can find Café Iruña, a well-known tapas bar (complete menu, with varied tapas for approximately 12 euros). Then, you have the grilled specialties, which are practically an institution in the Navarra region. The best restaurants of the kind can be found in the Casco Viejo area. After a nice dinner, with traditional wine from the region, we suggest salir a la calle, which is to stay, going for a night walk in the city, and visit bars and cafés. You can choose between more expensive areas (Plaza del Castillo – Bearin or Okapi), the most alternative areas (Calderería – Terminal, Garazi or 10) and the most popular and busy areas (Jarauta – Taberna 84, Gallego, La Oreja, among many, many others).For some dancing, the best option is to head out to the San Juan quarter, which has the best clubs in town. The most popular are Marengo, Vaivén and Reverendos.

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