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Cultural life in Paris is as intense as the city itself and the events are so many that choosing can be a difficult task. Between exhibitions, festivals and outdoors activities, Paris offers a vast perspective on the best things of several areas.

Paris' cultural life is not limited to museums, although the city has unique places, such as the Louvre (www.louvre.fr), the Georges Pompidou Centre (www.centrepompidou.fr) and the d'Orsay Museum (www.musee-orsay.fr), which hosts a vast collection of works from 1848-1914. Victor Hugo (http://www.paris.fr) and Balzac's houses will certainly please literature enthusiasts since they show the life and the routine of these two great writers. There is a free entry to both houses, as well as to the permanent collection of the Canavalet Museum and the Modern Art Museum. In other places, there are specific days when there is a free entry. As well as this, there is a museum pass with advantageous prices. Paris is a city with an eclectic and wide entertainment calendar. The Black Eyed Peas and Roger Waters will be performing in the city soon and there will be all sorts of events for the ones who enjoy cinema, drama, music, opera and sports. The La Villette Jazz Festival (www.jazzalavillette.com), the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament or the Dom Quijote ballet (www.operadeparis.fr ) are only three of the hundreds of events that you will be able to find in Paris' cultural agenda (www.parisinfo.com/sortir-a-paris). Free access parties are also not to be missed, such as the celebration of the Bastille Day, on the 14th of July, the Music Festival, in June, or outdoors cinema at the La Villete Park, during the Summer.

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