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Among hiking, mountain biking, climbing or watching dolphins and whales, the island is full of opportunities to spend wonderful moments, some with more adrenaline, others more relaxing. However, they all ensure a true plunge in pure nature and your lungs refilled with fresh air.

In the island of São Miguel there are many opportunities to try hiking. Until October, the municipality suggests three routes that you can do on your own initiative. And all of them in the Serra Devassa: one connects to Sete Cidades and another that goes up to the Lagoa do Pau Pique, the third up to the Muro das Nove Janelas. However, if looking for something more organized, the company Picos de Aventura, in the Marina Atlantico Hotel (Joao Bosco Mota Amaral Avenue), is specialized in providing the island adventures, both on land and at sea. On land, the Picos de Aventura organizes horse or jeep tours, mountain biking and rock climbing. On water, you can try kayaking or if you just prefer to go sailing, you can go scuba diving, swimming, or simply watch dolphins and whales. There is also an opportunity to create daily programs, so you can spend days filled with thrill and combine the various activities. To contact Picos de Aventura you may call the number +351 912 525 356 or contact by e-mail: geral@picosdeaventura.com.

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