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Porto Alegre is among the cities with the most wooded parts of the world: It includes about one million trees. The lake Guaíba adds a natural touch to the city that still has a biological reserve, nine city parks and the largest concentration of birds in the country.

This is the Brazilian capital with the second largest rural area - representing more than 30 percent of the territory, with 142.5 square kilometres. The southern area of Porto Alegre is where farms are concentrated and where there is a lot of agro-ecology practice; farms that, besides agriculture, have a wide range of tourism, leisure and entertainment. It's called the Rota Caminhos Rurais de Porto Alegre (www.caminhosrurais.tur.br), where, in the middle of green spaces and countryside, you can find restaurants and small farms that maintain traditions and bucolic landscapes and offer typical products to their visitors: Orchards of plums, peaches and vineyards produce 1.6 tons of fruit in the years of greatest abundance. Honey and flowers of this route are quite famous, as well as fishing and the curious groups of sheep, buffalo and horses. In the city, nature lovers should not miss the Morro Santana, the highest point of the metropolis, with waterfalls, lakes and ponds; the Morro do Osso, with a beautiful panoramic view over the city, o Morro de São Pedro, with several species of birds such as the field woodpecker, partridge, thrush and sparrow hawks, or the Morro Santa Teresa, with a panoramic view of the shores of Lake Guaíba.

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