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There are several options for the night out in Porto Alegre. Despite being a big city, the locals do not stray too far and the chosen locations for the so-called "ballad" in Brazil have always been around the city centre. But there are alternative options and other more refined options.

In the most bohemian part of the city, the Cidade Baixa is the most visited neighbourhood. It is a place of Azorean architecture, with a very bohemian flare. The areas of the Lima and Silva Streets, República, José do Patrocínio and João Alfredo are a good choice. They are filled with bars, "botecos" and pubs to drink that late afternoon beer in peace or early in the evening. They are places frequented by many young university graduates. One of the best known is the Champanharia Ovelha Negra (Av. Duque de Caxias).For something more refined, the inhabitants of Porto Alegre created the "Sidewalk of Fame." It is situated in the Moinhos de Vento district, with several more European style bars. Try visiting the streets: Padre Chagas, Hilário Ribeiro, Luciana de Abreu and Dinarte Ribeiro.If your intention is just a dinner out, remember that the food in Porto Alegre is to eat and cry for more. There are many options, but we recommend a stop at Tutto Riso (Rua Dinarte Ribeiro, 116), with a more rustic setting, famous for salmon risotto and cod. Also try the Punta Del Diablo (Av. Protásio Alves, 1472), a Uruguayan-inspired pizzeria, where you can sample a pizza with 17 flavours!

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