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The walks although being very beneficial for health, are ideal for those who like to be in contact with nature. The island of Porto Santo, thanks to the mild climate and the beauty of its landscapes and diversity of fauna and flora, provide unique moments among green trees and blue sky and the sea.

Stunning scenery surrounded by a deep silence is the perfect setting for nature walk enthusiasts. In Porto Santo there are many trails to explore. The Vereda do Pico Branco and Terra Cha is a journey of about an hour and a half, which begins in Regional Road 111, giving access to the top of Pico Branco. Apart from various viewpoints, you will find many native plants and seabirds such as the “cagarra” and “garajau”. The trail “Vereda do Pico Castelo” starts in Moledo, but there are two ways to follow this trail: heading North or South to Pico do Facho, which is the island's longest trail. Along the walk you will find rabbits, partridges and birds of pray, as well as olive trees, oaks, beech and heather. If you choose the trail “Vereda do Calhau” that takes just over 30 minutes, you will find the path that leads to Calhau Beach where you can see the rocks and the cliffs, as well as some rare plant species. Bird watching is another activity to the liking of those who enjoy being outdoors. In hiking or boating it is possible to see species like the “pombo-trocaz”, “Lavandeira” or the “freira da Madeira”. Porto Santo is also a good place for orienteering. The Associação de Orientação da Região Autónoma da Madeira (www.aorimadeira.net) provides more detailed information concerning this activity.

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Belo Horizonte Bissau Porto Santo Newark