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Some say that autumn is the best time to visit Prague, but the city offers throughout the year, green landscapes and outdoor activities for those who enjoy nature with quiet moments under the shade of ancient trees.

The gardens next to the Castle of Prague (www.palacove-zahrady.cz ) light up at Christmas time, but in spring they reveal all their splendour. Originally belonged to various aristocratic houses with vineyards and fruit trees, but the current vegetation is more for decorative purposes, which allows the visitor to be surprised by charming corners in staircases, balustrades and small pavilions that invite relaxation. The gardens often receive jazz concerts (www.jazznahrade.cz) , which helps create an environment more favourable for leisure. The Botanical Garden of the University (http://www.bz-uk.cz) is another place to visit. Besides the diversity of species, some over 100 years old, offers guided tours, this can be extended to the greenhouses, as well as conferences and other activities. During spring and summer the operating hours can be extended. Prague also has several municipality places to be seen, such as the Strahov Garden (http://www.strahovskyklaster.cz/), the Kinský family or Stromovka.

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Brasília Sal Budapest Maputo
Brasília Sal Budapest Maputo