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Being a good host is one of the main features of the Cape Verdean people. So don’t be surprised if you are walking along a street and get invited to have a delicious cachupa for lunch. Accept, and discover very closely of what is made the culture of the people: tradition and feelings.

Symbols of a strong culture abound in the city of Praia. And even if they lacked the Cape Verdean people will not let these be unnoticed. Strong sounds, such as morna and funaná that will warm your soul, an unforgettable cuisine, a kindness and sympathy are some of the most striking characteristics of the people of Cape Verde. Therefore, a visit to Praia will almost force us to sit at table with the inhabitants and enjoy a good cachupa, a major local specialty. Symbol of the culture of the archipelago are also the colored cloths made in the country. Buy some fabrics in the Central Market and enjoy this environment. The women arrive at dawn to sell on stalls fruits, vegetables, fish and small craft souvenirs. Keep these moments because they are memorable in the history of these people. The streets are filled with music, dance and animation. During the year, there are plenty of festivities in the city. The most important event takes place during Carnival. Besides the dances, there are street parades with masks and lots of entertainment. There are also several religious holidays, which begin with masses and processions, but end with music. On this subject, who lives there will guarantee, with a smile, that in Praia, the monuments are not the major sources of culture. But they do exist. Go to the Presidential Palace, the Ethnographic Museum and Escola Central, the first primary school in the archipelago and whose exhibitions show the various personalities that made this city grow.

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