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Who lands in Sal Island does not only have warm, clear waters and long sandy beaches to enrich these holidays. It is worthwhile discovering the flavors, shapes and rhythms of the Cape Verdean culture in the company of the island’s joyful people.

The handicraft allied to the arts, literature and also as might be expected, the contagious lullaby rhythms all testify the Cape Verdean culture that you can discover on the island of Sal. Woven items, such as rag dolls, ceramic or wood pieces can easily be found in shops and craft workshops. In every town or village there is always room in any of the streets from where you may choose a souvenir. As the craftwork is the mean of subsistence of many people, so it is not surprising that vendors insist with tourists, encouraging them to visit the manufacture and sale facilities. Try the Cape Verdean cuisine in Sal. This is another delicious way to discover the culture of the archipelago. Fish and seafood dishes are mandatory in this cuisine, where maize plays a key role. You cannot miss cachupa, the traditional dish. To taste all the delicacies, the restaurants in the villages of Santa Maria and Espargos are advisable. Music is another strong cultural aspect. Visiting Sal without listen to a morna or dancing to the rhythm of funaná or coladeira will not be the same thing.

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Sal Prague Frankfurt Pico