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In São Tomé, sandbanks are impressive and also deserted. This is because there is quite a large coastline and you can find beaches in practically all parts of the island. At most, you could see some fishermen leaving to the sea. But believe it that this is the ideal place to try and get your own "private" beach.

Right on the Equator, it is easy to understand why going to the beach is one of the best experiences you can have in São Tomé e Príncipe. The temperature of the water is always warm and the colour and transparency charm even the most distracted ones. Very close to the centre of the city of São Tomé you will find a few beaches which, despite not being the best, are very well located with easy access. That is the case of the beach near the São Sebastião Fort or the São Gabriel beach. Heading north, we find the impressive beach of Santana or the Conchas beach, a small bay with little more than 50 metres. Heading south, you can find the Jalé beach, one of the most beautiful and wide beaches in the São Tomé Island where you can see turtles spawn, if you're lucky.In the Príncipe Island, the maritime scenario changes very little: the water is crystalline and warm, with sandbanks between the rocks. The best example is the Bom-Bom beach. Near the city of Santo António, you can also find the sand banks of the Évora da Banana beach, which is only accessible after you managed to cross the dense vegetation.

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