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Talking about adventures in Seville and you have to talk about Isla Magica. Located on the island of La Cartuja, an area that was built from scratch for Expo 92 in Seville, Isla Magica is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, having opened in 1997. But there is also the Adventure Park Sevilla, dedicated to fans of more extreme activities.

Seville is prepared to receive all types of visitors. More adventurous or not, in the capital of Andalusia there is room for everyone. The Isla Mágica amusement park is a paradise for tourists. Many will be moved by curiosity, others go with a thirst for adventure and others cannot resist the constant requests of children. What is certain to Isla Mágica is that it is a fun place for families. Having six thematic areas and one of its points of interest is to roller coaster. Unmissable attractions are also water attractions such as to Iguazú, Anaconda and Orinoco Rapids. For the more radical, there is the Adventure Sevilla, the first adventure park in Andalucia. Altogether three acres of adrenaline and emotion. Located in the woods of Pinos Centenarios, just eight kilometers of Seville, the park is available with several games for the visitors. Among the activities available are, as an example rappel and paintball.

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