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Shanghai is one of the most populated cities of the world. Yes, it is a metropolis where everything must be in a hurry, with lights everywhere, where our instincts are awake 24 hours a day. However it is also possible to relax here and get inspired by the Chinese Zen culture.

About 45 minutes away from the centre of Shanghai is located the Shesan National Park. Here one can get in touch directly with Nature, as this is the only forest of Shanghai, in the Songjiang district. The space is prepared to receive tourists since 1995 around an area of circa 64 square kilometres.It is a relatively smooth area in the Yangtze River delta, but it has some elevations, small hills for those who want to experience good walks. At the East Hill, 74 meters high, are the bamboo forests where, in springtime, it is celebrated a festival dedicated to these species.West Hill is the highest geographical point of Shanghai. It stands 97 meters high above sea level and, for that reason, the biggest Marion basilica of the Far East and the Astronomic Observatory are located at the top of this hill. The park is open from 7.30am to 5pm. Those who want to spend more than a day here can stay at local hotels like Le Meridien or Sofitel.The Sheshan National Park also has the best golf club of Shanghai, the Sheshan International Golf Club (www.sheshangolf.com), if you want to go for some strokes.

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Belo Horizonte Pamplona Bordeaux Newark