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With its islands and canals, Stockholm is known as the "Venice of Scandinavia". The small medieval town on Lake Mälaren is today a dynamic, modern capital. Stockholm has history, culture, quality of life and a very organized city. Summer is the best time of year to visit the city.

On a two or three day trip to the Swedish capital and with so many places of interest to visit and to discover the best is to become Swedish and prioritize what you want to see. One of the ways to appreciate the beauty of the city that comprises14 islands is on a boat trip across the canals or alternatively, walking along the banks and crossing the numerous bridges. The Gamla Stan or Old Town is the oldest area in the city, where you can enjoy the beauty of the most emblematic buildings, discover the secrets of the existing narrow streets, including the narrowest street in the city - Marten Trotzigs - only 90 centimeters wide. Become enchanted with the grandeur of the Royal Palace in baroque style with over 600 rooms placed across seven floors. This palace also houses three museums. Stockholm Cathedral, stage of many concerts and royal weddings, the Town Hall where the Nobel prizes are handed, the Nationalmuseum, with more than 500 thousand works and the Vasa Museum, a 300 year warship, these sites are a must see. In contrast Södermalm is the bohemian part of the city dedicated to fashion and design. The famous belvederes overlooking the city are mandatory.

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