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Floating close to the maritime boarder between Africa and Europe, and between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Tangier is a twofold land, loaded with mysteries that are either revealed, either concealed, in every corner of the city.

A crossing point to the peoples and the cultures that forged its past, present and future, Tangier is a melting pot where the African and European legacies merge together. On the one hand, disclosing the Islamic tradition, there’s the maze of alleys leading to the Casbah, the old medina, as well as the Great Mosque, the Grand Socco, where you can find one of the most thriving street markets in Tangier and even St. Andrews Anglican Church, with its minaret shaped steeple. On the other hand, heading towards the western influence, there’s the Terrasse des Paresseux – meaning the Idlers Promenade – a wide boulevard where you can stroll down the seafront, France Square, where you can find the Grand Café de Paris and the Petit Socco neighbourhood, filled with historical cafes such as the Tigis. But if you’d rather escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, you can pass by the Mnar Park, an aquatic park with an amazing view of the coast, or go for a walk in the Mendoubia Park, with its astonishing landscape. Giving its closeness to Gibraltar, while in Tangier, it’s almost mandatory to visit the straight, usually by taking the ferry.

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