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Rope bullfights, Holy Spirit festivities, good food and always a smile on the people’s faces. Is it the third most cheerful island of the Azores? Some say it is a true amusement park of the archipelago.

It started off being called Island of Jesus Christ, but now it is called Terceira. Why? Because it was the third (Terceira - meaning 3rd) island of the archipelago to be discovered. It's an easy explanation for a name, the name of one of the most beautiful pieces of land in this set of islands in the middle of the Atlantic.The settlement of the island began around 1450 in the areas of Quatro Ribeiras, Porto Judeu and Praia da Vitória. These were the safest areas for sailors to disembark. Thanks to these characteristics, the island began to gain an important role in navigation, as a stopover port for vessels coming from the Americas and the Indies.The dynamic of this port has granted to Terceira - and its capital, Angra Heroísmo - an interesting multicultural and a major open mind in its inhabitants that has been registered over the centuries. The island's strategic role has been recognized internationally and in the context of friendly relations and cooperation between Portugal and the United States, it is headquarter of a major North American air force base called Lajes.