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From cinema to Egyptian culture, passing through contemporary art, there is no shortage of cultural offers in Turin

It’s in Turin that is printed, on a daily basis, La Stampa newspaper, which is distributed throughout the rest of Italy. It is also in Turin that study hundreds of young people in the University and the Polytechnic (considered some of the best in the country and in Europe to follow technical and scientific studies). As expected, cinema plays and important cultural role. Aside from the National Cinema Museum, the Torino Film Festival, which takes place in November, also stands out. Impossible to miss out on is a trip to the Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio), one the three best in the world, and to the National Automobile Museum. In Piazza Solferino is the Atrium Torino, where you may learn everything there is to know about Turin 2006 that the drastic urban changes that happened from then on, and the GAM - Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Arts – that presents a collection of paintings and photography directly connected to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rivoli. A quite different cultural finding is what CioccolaTò has to offer, a festival that takes place in March and commemorates Turin as the Italian capital of chocolate.

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Shanghai Casablanca Berlin Sao Vicente