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Paradise of souvenirs, Venice has a variety of options for those who buy gifts. Glass pieces, masks, hats or puzzles can be found at street vendors, but also in specific stores.

The usual shops, including luxury brands are in Venice, but in the case of a tourist destination, nothing better than looking for typical local products. Besides the most obvious souvenirs, there are items such as Murano glass, which are excellent gifts. Find a place to shop is not difficult, in Piazza Sao Marco square there are numerous stands selling items such as porcelain masks, glass, postcards and straw hats like those that are used by the gondoliers. The city's bookstores are great for those looking for books about art or prints with images of current or former Venice. The wooden puzzles are very popular in Venice and can be found at shops located in the Rialto Bridge and in areas surrounding. The Murano glass is other attractions of the region, but we must look carefully, because many parts are cheap imitations. From necklaces to dishes or jugs, there is a wide variety of items and prices. The masks that made famous the Carnival of Venice are highly sought by tourists. There in several sizes and different materials, like paper. But those seeking the more traditional and want to learn a little about this art, you can visit stores like Laboratorio Artigiano Maschere the Mondonovo (www.mondonovomaschere.it) or Tragicomica (www.tragicomica.it) .

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