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Whether you like to party, dance or just be quiet in a bar listening to good music, you will find in Vienna all the options for an enjoyable evening. An alternative program to the numerous entertainment and cultural events which can go from a coffee at a hotel bar or a typical restaurant in Vienna.

The zone Gürtel (inner motorway of Vienna) has always been the main reference of the Austrian capital night. Bars like Chelsea and B72 are more than enough reasons to move through the area in search of independent music, live concerts and a number of DJ with musical offerings to suit all tastes. Another must-see place in the evening lies in the central square of the Museum Quarter. Leopold Café offers Monday through to Saturday, various genres of danceable music. With amusement to continue until the break of day, it is also an ideal place to have breakfast (if you prefer to come back later they serve lunch and dinner).Before you go dancing in a disco you can still peek in Rote Bar (in Volkstheater) that, at most, is worth seeing for the chandeliers and architecture of the late nineteenth century. With respect to music, Vienna is also a city respected for electronic music, one of the most recognized in the world. To hear these sounds just go to the Danube Canal and the Flex, the biggest nightclub in the city with a gigantic underground deactivated gallery. These places elected, by experts as the best in the world this musical genre.

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Vienna Dusseldorf Zagreb Lisbon