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It will not be the most consensual of visits, but if the cemetery of Père-Lachaise in Paris is a tourist destination, those of Warsaw also can be. In the case of Powazki, the attraction is not only the public figures who are buried there, but also the sculpture and history that it preserves.

Annually since 1975, November 1, All Saints’ Day, Polish public figures join a campaign to collect funds to restore the Powazki cemetery. Destroyed during World War II, it is a sort of museum of Polish history and a true treasure of sculptures and of the so-called "small architecture." The country's greatest cultural figures are buried in this cemetery the size of the Vatican, such as the Royal family (in the catacombs), Nobel Prize winners, political leaders, actors and filmmakers. Inside, there is a church that has also been parish. All of the tombs are considered national monuments.The Jewish cemetery is another of the places to see, if you are in the mood for this type of visit. More than 200 thousand tombs are found on this site, one of the few still operating in Poland. Once again, it is worth the visit for the historical and artistic value of some of the tombs: the mausoleum of the Three Writers and the monument of the grave of one of the biggest Jewish theatre actress. It’s worth mentioning also a monument at the grave of children's author and educator, Janusz Korczak (victim of the Holocaust with the children of his orphanage), which portrays him walking with the children to the Nazi concentration camp.

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