TAP Portugal  

Electronic Passport

The easiest way to cross the border


All European Union citizens aged 18 years or over holding an electronic passport can now use the electronic border control devices at the main Portuguese airports.

If you are travelling within the Schengen area, avoid queues at passport control and use the RAPID - Automatic Recognition of Passenger ID system.


Step 1: Insert your electronic passport (it must bear the symbol in the lower left-hand corner - see image) open and face down into the device. Wait while it is scanned.

Step 2: When the door opens, remove your passport and move forward.

Step 3: Stand on the yellow circle on the floor.

Step 4: Look into the mirror.

Step 5: Move forward when the second door opens.

Do not:

  • Cover your face
  • Wear a hat
  • Use a mobile phone or other electronic device
  • Wear sunglasses

For further information visit the RAPID by SEF website (available in English only) or watch the above video (there is a Portuguese version after the English one).