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Star Alliance Meetings Plus

The Star Alliance Meetings Plus makes your corporate travel to meetings easier and much more cost effective. Just one agreement covers up to 27 member airlines. On top of this you benefit from worldwide discounts on tickets for all participating airlines and simpler travel arrangements to and from your meeting.

You'll get a single point of contact and a single agreement with a discount offer.
Your company's assigned travel agency issues the tickets.

Is your meeting eligible?

To be eligible for Meetings Plus, your meeting will need to meet these conditions:

  • At least 50 participants in total
  • Attendees from at least three countries (not including the meeting destination)
  • A lead time of 30 days minimum
  • A travel agency assigned to issue the tickets for the meeting

Meetings Plus is currently not available for travel from/to South Africa and Australia. Special procedures apply for Japan and New Zealand.


  •  One central contact for the agreement
  •  An agreement covering up to 27 member Airlines
  •  Discounted tickets on all participating airlines
  •  The travel agency of your choice to issue tickets


To submit a request for proposal and to find out more:

Official Website Meetings Plus