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TAP now offers a new channel - PORTAL TAP MOBILE - so the information you require most for your trip can be accessed quickly...

Access mobile.flytap.com on your mobile and start surfing.

Now, almost everything you need to know is on your mobile...

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My Trip

My Trip Available Services
Flight Schedule Aircraft type, in-flight meals, distance traveled in miles, times.
Departures & Arrivals Information on estimated and actual departure and arrival times.
Baggage Tracing Presupposes the prior registration of a claim at lost & found and enables customers to access the status of their lost baggage claim.

My Destination

My Destination Available Services
Lounge Info Location of TAP lounges at a range of airports, business hours and main facilities (Internet access, magazines and newspapers, catering, business center and lots more).
Destination Information Everything about the destination of your trip (history, restaurants, hotels, shopping, main attractions, etc.).
Weather Information Weather forecast for the same day or up to 5 days in advance (maximum/minimum temperatures, rainfall, wind speed...).
Currency Converter Here you can access 30 major world currency rates updated daily.


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