Infants and children

Everything you need to know when you travel with children


Priority boarding 

First onto the aircraft

Travelling with children involves extra hand baggage and it's always hard getting everyone seated. This is why we have introduced priority boarding so that you and your children can be first on the plane whenever your aircraft is parked at a loading bridge. This will give you more time to get your family settled in and stow your belongings.


Your baby can remain in the pushchair until reaching the door of the aircraft. After that we will take care of it and it will be ready and waiting for your baby when you disembark at your destination.

Children’s car seats on board the aircraft

Children up to 5 years of age may use their car seats on TAP flights.

Conditions of acceptance:

  • Car seats must be approved by the competent authorities of a country for use on flights and in automobiles and must bear a sticker attesting to that fact (e.g. ECE R44/04, FAA, FMVSS 213 USA CMVSS 213/213 1Canada, TÜV: TÜV/958-01/2001).
  • The base of the car seat can be no larger than 40 x 40 cm (15.7 x 15.7 in).
  • The car seat must be equipped with safety belts.
  • The seat must be placed in a window seat next to the adult accompanying the child.
  • They may not be placed in emergency rows or in rows immediately in front or behind emergency rows.
  • The seat and base must not be separated.
  • The adult accompanying the child is responsible for transport and placement of the car seat.
  • If the car seat cannot be safely adapted to the aircraft seat, it will be transported as checked luggage.

The use of this type of equipment requires booking a seat and the fare for babies is the same as the fare applied to children (over 2 years old). It is required to notify TAP or your travel agent in good time (up to 24 hours before your flight) of intent to use these chairs. 


Flying is not recommended for babies less than seven days old.

In an emergency, please contact TAP so that its medical services can assess the situation.


If you are travelling with a baby, you can request a carrycot. This service is free on TAP aircraft, with the exception of code-share flights.

Many babies travel in the lap of their parents or guardians without taking up a seat. The airline is able to provide a baby seat for infants to travel in, if the parents or guardian so desire and the service is available. However, the use of baby seats is only possible on compliance with certain norms:

  • The baby seats are available solely on long-haul flights and in Executive Class of some medium-haul aircraft; 
  • The infant must not weigh more than 11 kg (24 lbs) and the baby must have a maximum of 12 months;
  • The carrycot measures 75 cm (29 in) by 34 cm (13 in) width and 22,4 cm (8.8 in) of height; 
  • The baby should always be seen to fit comfortably inside the seat;
  • The baby seat can never be used during landing/takeoff and during periods of turbulence; 
  • There are specific seats on the aircraft for installing carrycots and their number is therefore limited. Please inform the airline of all the flights on which the infant needs a carrycot when making your booking;
  • The number of seats available for carrycots varies from one type of aircraft to another and if there is availability it will be confirmed immediately when you book;
  • Each adult may only hold one child.


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