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Discover Asturias from a unique vantage point

Setting out on a journey to Asturias is a lot more than just immersing oneself in the priceless natural heritage of the Picos de Europa mountain range.

We begin in the business and cultural capital of Asturias, Oviedo, which has preserved a historic medieval nucleus around the city’s Plaza Alfonso II square. Discover the imposing flamboyant gothic cathedral, which houses a remarkable 16th century altarpiece as well as the tombs of six Asturian monarchs. But the most precious treasure is the Câmara Santa (Holy Chamber), a chapel that dates from the 9th century, a must-see relic of religious art.

Asturias has seen a revival of cider-making, and the beverage has become famous due to the increasing number of cider-makers in the region. The best place to enjoy it is at the merenderos (picnic areas) - open-air night spots with a view of the Asturian landscape.

As you climb higher in this sea and mountain setting, you will be treated to an extraordinary view of the glacial lakes of Covadonga. It will be hard to tear your eyes away from this idyllic sight.

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