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Rendezvous in Nantes

The birthplace of Jules Verne might not be the centre of the earth, but it sparks the same curiosity in those who visit the city.

With its long seafaring tradition, Nantes, considered the metropolis of western France, surprises us with its great cultural diversity to the extent that we feel like we have stepped into an open-air museum.

There is always something going on, like the “Folle Journée”, which transforms Nantes into the capital of classical music for five days each year. During the festival, more than three hundred concerts are performed that illustrate a theme in the history of music. And there is the “Festival Voisinages”, which offers several theatre performances, among other very interesting and unique events like “Utopiales”, an international science fiction festival.

The city is at the leading edge as far as efforts to preserve the environment go, particularly during times when there are large numbers of tourists and other visitors in the city. This is a plus for travellers as the use public transportation and bicycles is encouraged, making it easier to discover the city and also helping safeguard the health and well-being of everyone.

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