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The growth of the city of Bilbao has been widely supported in cultural aspect. The Guggenheim is the great symbol of this transformation and the proof is the almost one million annual visitors, who wish to appreciate and see the museum designed by Frank Gehry. But in town there are many more museums to discover.

The work of Frank Gehry is situated on the docks of Bilbao, titanium coated to remember a fish in the sun. The Guggenheim in Abandoibarra Etorbidea, is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10h00 to 20h00 and visitors pay € 12.50. It is located next to the Museo de Bellas Artes. There are over six thousand works dating from the twelfth century until the present day, among sculptures, drawings, paintings and other objects. The entry in this place devoted to fine art costs € 4.5. For those who wish to visit these two symbols of the city, you can buy a single ticket that costs 11 €.Around town we found many other places of exhibition. Highlights are the Basque Museum (Plaza Unamuno, 4); La Ría Maritime Museum (Muelle Ramón de la Sota, 1); the Bullfighting Museum (Martín Agüero, 1), or the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art (Plaza de la Encarnación , 9-B). Besides these, it is interesting to see the Arriaga Theater, the Foral Palace and the University of Deusto, which are also interesting centers of cultural point of view. With a very important role in Basque culture, don’t miss the San Mamés Stadium, where Athletic Bilbao plays football.