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Bissau has many paradise-like islands, practically unexplored, where you can enjoy the Sun in most absolute tranquillity.

The best beaches are out of the urban perimeter, but even then, the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean should be enjoyed to find paradise places, with white sandy beaches, palm trees and transparent sea, where it is possible to swim with schools of fish. To benefit from all the commodities, the best thing to do is to choose a hotel near the beach, especially because there are many places reserves for guests only. Some hotels also organise trips to the practically desert islands, as well as the necessary equipment for water sports as well as windsurf, diving or submarine fishing. When leaving Bissau, it is possible to find paradise places and desert beaches, but it is better to prepare the trip ahead, and, in the most distant places, accommodation. There are boats leaving from Bissau directly to some islands. In other cases, access is not always easy, but the ones with a more adventurous spirit will feel rewarded by places such as Varela, in the Cacheu area, with beaches, pine forests and fantastic landscapes. In the Archipelago of Bijagós, you can also find some of the best beaches in the country, such as Bruce, which is completely isolated and protected from the sun with leafy trees. It is a good place for bicycle rides along the coast. Orango is another beach which will remind you of postcards from tropical paradises, but where the presence of hippos gives it a bit of a bizarre look. It is also in the Bijagós archipelago, about two hours from Bissau.