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The North of Italy has the tradition of being wealthy. Here are located the great empires of stylists, designers, but also major car and motorcycle manufacturers. It is a city of consumption and you will find many places to spend your money.

The four main shopping streets in Bologna are the ones that are close to Piazza Maggiore: Via dell'Indipendenza, Via Ugo Bassi, Via Rizzoli and Via D'Azeglio. This is where you find the great names of haute couture and design in their neatly decorated stores. Sure the prices are very high, excluding the sales season in Italy, which takes place between July and August, December and January (the challenge is to find some bargains ...). Still, in Galleria Cavour, near Via Farini, there are few outlets with brands like Armani, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace ... give it a try!For other purchases, we recommend a walk down Via San Felice, with small craft shops that make artisan clothing, art galleries and boutiques, and even shoe shops so very fashion! Don’t miss the antique shops and bookstores.The Market of Bologna is also indispensable to buy less expensive souvenirs. For Italian cuisine lovers, you must visit Tamburini (Via Caprarie, 1) where you can buy ham and cheese.


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