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City Break

Casablanca is a city not particularly giant not requiring many days of visit. So why not take long weekend, three to four days, and leap to this metropolis, that became popular in the romantic film that brought Bogart and Bergman together, and meet the most peaceful corners of "Casa?

Amid this urban center with almost three million people, where traffic is noisy and sometimes chaotic, there are real oases where quietness reigns and where you can relax and enjoy, so why not catch a bit of sun for change.To begin, it is important to remember that Casablanca is a coastal city, so it has many beaches. Then it is a city which is close to another major center of Morocco: Rabat. This city is at a distance of just over an hour. Why not “get two for the price of one” and get to know a little more of this country?When returning to "Casa” and after seeing the main sights, go catch some sun at the Port of Casablanca which is a recent infrastructure, with a beautiful sea view.It is true that the 1942 movie was not filmed in this city, so you will not find here the same scenery of the time. “But if Mohammed will not go to the mountain ...” – Meaning that many hotels attempt to recover the spirit of that time: with piano bars, old pictures ... need not be in "Rick's ", but go over to the pianist and tell him "Play it again, Sam. "

City Break:

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