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The Adriatic Sea is the background scenery of a city with monuments, enticing events and beaches that invite you for a swim in the warm and clear waters.

Situated on the Adriatic coast, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, offers nearly 2600 hours of sunshine a year and a breathtaking landscape provided by its privileged location. The beaches are praised and a major attraction. The intense cultural life and the grandeur of history and heritage make this city an increasingly attractive destination.The Mediterranean climate provides mild temperatures throughout the year, both on land and at sea. Summer is the time when the city receives more visitors, but the winters that are not too harsh and the intense cultural life begin to make this destination a choice for the colder months. This way the walks become quite pleasant and allow us to explore every corner of the city.Public transports are provided with air conditioning and the schedule frequency is constant between the connections of the various points of Dubrovnik. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks and hotels, thus cheaper than when they are purchased in the bus. In the last case you are obliged to have the right amount (10 Kuna) to pay. The rental car option is also a common practice among tourists, there is much space in public parking’s near the Old City and the Port of Gruz