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The parks are accessible within a short boat ride. The sea, one of the great treasures of Dubrovnik can be explored if you go diving.

To see one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic, where you can find one of the most famous parks in Croatia, just take a ferry-boat to Mljet, it is also known as the Green Island. National Park of Mljet (www.np-mljet.hr) which has an area of 98 km2 and you can travel across the island on a bike. The richness of the coast, the lush vegetation and cultural heritage (which includes a Benedictine monastery) led this place to be a protected area for over 50 years. The Great Lake and Little Lake, where you can swim, is the main attraction of the island, which has several types of vegetation, including oaks and pines. Several uncommon species of reptiles and birds can be found. Who likes places where nature is at its most pure state will not resist the Lastovo Nature Park (www.lastovo.org), with a protected area of 195 square kilometers and clear water, natural bays and 44 small islands. This is a pleasant place for diving to see the amazing variety of marine life or simply just to swim, walk or ride a bike. The Natural Reserve Island Lokrum (www.lokrum.hr) is also accessible from the boats that depart from the port of Dubrovnik. Besides the richness of its forest and tranquil lakes, it offers an amazing view over Dubrovnik, Cavtat and other islands. This entire area of the Adriatic has great conditions for scuba diving, enabling us to discover areas of coral, several species of fish, algae and even several archaeological remains.