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If not everyone can shop in the ultra-chic Königsallee, almost anyone can take home a version of Radschläger, a kind of mascot of the city. And, of course, beer must also be on the shopping list.

Königsallee, or Kö for locals, is a shopper's paradise. In this luxurious avenue are the most prestigious fashion brands like Armani or Kenzo, perfume, china and antique shops. But one needs not look far to find lower prices on clothing and footwear: next door in Schadowstrasse, there are international chain and multi-brand stores and with a huge variety of offerings. During sales season the street becomes even more crowded. The Old City is the place to look for souvenirs, but is increasingly well known as a vanguard due to large stores with the latest trends in fashion, art and design, therefore advisable for those who like to buy something different and innovative. The Immermannstraße is a kind of miniature Tokyo and besides the electronic devices it has a wide range of items such as Japanese vases or kimonos. Friedrichstraße, south of Königsallee, is indicated for the day to day smaller shopping items, but is also home to the largest bookstore in the city. The antiques and art galleries are mainly in the area of Carlstadt and Carlsplatz market where you’ll find a huge variety of used items. Now that you know where to buy, you have to figure out what to buy. If you’re looking for an exclusive souvenir from Düsseldorf to take home then you have to pick a Radschläger that is a stylized figure that seems to be a gymnast doing a cartwheel. You can find it in wood, marzipan or even made of chocolate.