TAP Portugal  


Separated from the sea by a group of marshland islands, which stands out at low tide, the city of Faro is ideal for maritime bird lovers and bird watching. This activity, which can be done throughout the year, springs to life in the Ria Formosa and in the Isle of Barreta.

The Black-necked Grebe, spoonbill, “Ostraceiro”, “Fuselo” and blackhead Seagull are some of the species that most easily can be seen in Ria Formosa and in the islands of Faro. There are several companies focused on the practice of this activity that have daily boat connections to the islands. In the dense net of canals in the Ria Formosa, separated by small islands of salt marsh and sand, you can see the small white egret, the heron and spoonbill. With luck, you can see a “Tartaranhão-ruivo-dos-pauis” (pern). The wading birds also abound, especially the “Ostraceiro”. To get to Isle of Barreta there are careers that leave daily from the city of Faro, where Santa Maria Cape lays, the most southerly point of Portuguese mainland. The black head seagull, the dark winged Seagull and Argentea Seagull are the most popular species. Since the island itself is covered with vegetation, visitors have wooden walkways over which they can walk along, in this location. Although they can observe species throughout the year, it is in the migration periods - spring and autumn - that these areas reveal its full potential.