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In Fortaleza, there is a party every night of the week. There is also no rest on Sundays. As Capital of Forró, this is the most common dance in local dances, but in discos rhythms vary from rock to pop, or even reggae.

If you think Fortaleza is only beaches, beaches and more beaches, then think again. The nightlife in this city is just as famous as its long sandy beaches. And more, here each weekday has a specific program. Remember that we are in the Capital of Forró. So on Mondays, its Forró do Pirata day, a bar that disseminates regional bands. Also at Arre Égua, there is forró, but this time on Tuesdays. Here in addition to a bar, you will find a cultural area and an evening in typically north-eastern surroundings. If you missed the forró on Monday and Tuesday, don't be discouraged, for Wednesdays is time for the Clube do Vaqueiro to have typical dances. On Thursdays, the choice falls on the Boite Oásis, a Nightclub with varied rhythms. You can also go to the tents at the Praia do Futuro. There are performances of music and humour in Tropicália or Subindo ao Céu. Friday and Saturday nights are nights to go to the Boteco, an area that is filled with young people and tourists. But if you think that there is rest on Sundays, forget it. In Órbita Bar, its reggae and pop-rock night, to finish the weekend in full swing. If you drink too much, the inhabitants of Ceará will also leave you a recipe of the gods. Drink a fish stock at the end of the night on Avenida Beira-Mar. There is no hangover that can resist it!


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