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The Renda do Labirinto (labyrinth knitted lace) is a keepsake that you will want to carry back home in your bag. It is a symbol of this city, and besides many craft fairs, frequently has many famous fashion shows. On a stroll along the beach, stop at the small stalls that sell a little of everything and enjoy the bargains.

Fortaleza is earning fame as the capital of fashion, thanks mainly to having been chosen by a major Brazilian designer, Lino Villaventura. Therefore, the garment industry is the most developed in the city. As a result of this bet, the fashion events held here throughout the year are increasing. Highlight events are the Fortaleza Fashion Week and the Dragão Fashion, this April. Aside from the clothes, here you can buy products of leather and lace, which carry a great cultural value. One of the finest crafts of the Northeast is the Renda do Labirinto, traditionally made in this area of Brazil, and can be purchased at the Tourist office in Fortaleza. The technique has Arabic origin and was most probably introduced to the region by the Portuguese. At the Tourist office you can sit next to an artisan and ask them to teach you, with the certainty that this is a job that requires lots of patience. You may also buy Cachaça, Brazil Nuts and bottles of coloured sand, all very typical of the city. Also at the Central Market, you can peek at the Craft Centre of Ceará (CEART), where you can buy ornaments made out of clay, straw, leather and wood, besides the famous hammocks, ideal for, back at home, remembering a paradise called Fortaleza.