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A zoo with more than four thousand animals is always a good way to make kids smile. Frankfurt gives you many more. Amusement parks, didactic museums and even clowns, these are some of the ways that you can get the little ones to love this city.

Amid all the artificiality and the rigor of its large buildings, Frankfurt can offer many activities aimed for kids. One of the best examples is the city zoo. The Frankfurt Zoo opened in 1858 and is one of the most emblematic of all Europe, with approximately 4,500 animals of 500 species. Most are exotic animals. Kids will be amazed and delighted at the novelty. To calm them down, take them to the museum of cinema. The Deutsches Filmmuseum tells the story of the old movies, but also of the entire film industry, from the works of the Lumiere brothers, till nowadays. In a corner of the museum you can learn how they make special effects, as an example from the movie King Kong. In a good amusement park the kids will be delirious. Therefore, take them the park Carl-von-Weinberg, where they’ll discover water toys. Or take a biology class for children in the beautiful Botanical Garden (Palmengarten). End the day in Tigerpalast among clowns, dancers, magicians and acrobats.