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Surrounded by water and filled with green meadows, the island of Faial is fully integrated in the most popular features of the Azores. Contact with nature is virtually permanent and various sporting activities, including the most radical, are available to anyone who arrives in the city of Horta.

In addition to tours through the gardens of Horta, it is recommended, especially during the warmer months, a visit to the Natural Pools in Varadouro. They are located on the west coast and have a breathtaking view of the slopes of Monte Castelo Branco. You have a selection of pools or direct access to the sea. Due to the formation of basalt rock, the sea causes the water to have a mild temperature.One of the best experiences is the walks in the Caldeira. Though I cannot descend to the bottom of an old volcano, the views that are seen here, are harder to reach than others, they are breathtaking. The crater is about 400 meters deep and two miles in diameter. On one side we could see the northeast area of Faial, with the lighthouse at the tip and on clear days, you can spot the island of Graciosa.Besides the walks in the city there are companies that organize adventure tours: mountain biking, kayaking, diving, windsurfing, sailing, whale watching, dolphin watching, fishing and parasailing. In the city you can get free bicycle rides.


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