TAP Portugal  


Go to Faial and not to visiting his neighbor Pico is almost a sin, especially with that huge piece of land challenging us from the other side of the channel. A beautiful island worth visiting.

It is a boat trip - which warned that it can be bumpy or Nemésio would not have called it "Mau Tempo no Canal" - 30 minutes ”( Bad Weather in the Channel) worth the adventure, either for a peaceful stroll, whether by experience, unique in trying to climb the 2531 meters, making the Pico, the highest point in Portugal.You can visit the stunning island of vineyards, planted in the cracks existing in thin basalt benches and considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 2004 - and of course the delicious wine of the island - and continue for a cultural break between visits to two museums Whale, stills and natural pools. This is the second largest island of the archipelago, mythical place, you should not miss the opportunity to see and purchase some crafts made of basalt and whalebone, as well as lace and embroidery.