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“Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" said the famous song. What if you could buy a diamond exactly where they come from? In Johannesburg, you can. Among clothes, jewellery and crafts, this capital has everything. From the most sophisticated to the traditionally African.

Luxury is the motto as far as shopping in Johannesburg is concerned. Start with a walk by The Mall of Rosebank, where you'll find an outdoors shopping centre with clothes and jewellery, like diamonds, where glamour, luxury and sophistication are a reality. But you can also find books, music and crafts. Have you bought your diamond ring? Keep it safe and head towards the Oriental Square. Here you can find several stalls with products made of cotton, leather and even ostridge skin, crocodile and buffalo. To show off in the kitchen, do not hesitate to take a few African spices. If you life handicrafts and you're the type of person who even brings a souvenir for his/her boss, head to the African Flea. Located between the Cradock and Bath avenues, it is open every day from 9am to 5pm and gathers the best artwork made in the continent, from Zimbabwe to Namibia and Congo. If you're looking for antiques, try the Crafters Market or the Bus Factory.