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The shops in London are undoubtedly a temptation, but the prices may not be the most inviting. Still, one can always find more items in account. Go from store to store to a select trendy Kings Road to Oxford Street. Do not forget to walk by the famous Harrods department store and have fun in Portobello Market in Notting Hill.

The luxury shops are located in Knightsbridge and in Kings Road in Chelsea, the most famous street for shopping. In Oxford Street, a true Londoner “mecca” of consumption, where you can venture out among the crowd that literally floods the sidewalks, and discover some of brands that exist only in this city. But if what you really love is to find real relics, know that the best places (although quite different) are at Portobello Market and Camden Market. The first, located in Notting Hill, held on Saturday mornings, and offering the visitors a wide variety of edible products such as fruits, vegetables or sweets, clothing, vinyl and many rare antiques. Camden Market takes place every day but Sunday should be the chosen day for your visit. The vast majority of products on sale are alternative style clothing and accessories, reminding rebel generations that generated the "punk" culture, as an example, The most radical ones can still have a piercing made here, something they’re always dreamed to do, or make a tattoo, promised for years. After these more bold experiences, end in great style and visit the fabulous Harrods, in the Brompton Road.


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Natal Prague Nice Paris