TAP Portugal  


Start the evening with a dinner at sunset having as scenery the Bay of Luanda, this is the best way to enter the festive atmosphere of the Angolan capital, which has bars with live music and night clubs with African rhythms, a perfect epilogue.

Nightlife has gained importance in recent years. Rhythms such as Kizomba, Semba, Redita and kuduro mark the night and even those who are not very good at dancing are unable to remain indifferent to these contagious sounds. Most bars, restaurants and nightclubs lie within the city limits or on Cabo Island. This is, incidentally, a good starting point: Dinner at sunset, overlooking the bay of Luanda, which can only mean an enjoyable evening. The Cais de Quatro offers a wide variety of international cuisine including sushi, while the restaurant O Manjara is an expert on Portuguese food and has live music. It is close to Chill Out (www.chillout-luanda.com), one of the coolest places to dine, especially up at 23.30. From then on the music volume increases and is therefore more suitable for the latest dance beats of house music rather than to relax and chat. One of the most recent places is the Café del Mar, where you can dine at very reasonable prices and listen to relaxing music. In downtown Luanda you’ll find the Theatre Elinga (elingateatro.blogspot.com), a cultural center with a regular program of concerts and exhibitions. Bahia, located on the Marginal (coastline), is another popular place. For those who like to dance Mukua (www.mukua.com) is one of the hottest nightclubs, however, it has the disadvantage of being in the zone of Viana, forcing you to take the Catete Road to get there, which is somewhat dangerous. To experience the rhythms of Kizomba the most suitable place is the nightclub Maiombe, near the Stadium of the Citadela. The Jango Veleiro(Jango sailboat) in Cabo Island is the perfect place to end the evening, since it is open till morning. Here the excitement is mainly on Friday and Saturday nights.