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City Break

Because of its size, because of being "stuck" between France, Belgium and Germany and because of the contrast between the old and the new town, the beauty of the palaces and the quality of life, this is a city to be visited over two or three days.

It is picturesque and delightful. The city of Luxembourg can and should be navigated on foot. Everywhere you look you will see nature among medieval buildings; such a natural and true fusion. Palaces and other buildings of great beauty "grew up" side by side together with gardens and lakes. Even people from Luxembourg, say in jest that the country is so small that when travelling by car as soon as reach 120km per hour you’re already at the border. This smallness is however something of which the Grand Duchy and the population, one of the most prosperous in the European Union, are very proud. Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the city and get to know its secret nooks and crannies. The old city is surrounded by a green belt that runs through the City Park. The banks of the River Pétrusse are a must see location, spanning along scenic parks, they are ideal for spending hours just walking. Also near the Pétrusse Valley is a beautiful botanical garden. Any walk through the lanes of the old town, between bridges and flyovers, will be an experience to remember. If you prefer to venture off from the centre, Our Valley Natural Park offers all the tranquillity you need. Enjoy dinner in the old town and get to know the friendly people of Luxembourg in a more informal setting.