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In a city with a strong industrial character, there is a surprisingly number of green spaces for quiet walks or family afternoons.

In the city centre or in the surroundings there is a diversity of places to appreciate the quietness given by Nature. From the smallest gardens to natural reserves or vast extensions of forests around, there are many green spaces to discover. The children will enjoy visiting small farms, while sports fans will have plenty of places where to cycle, run or to go for long walks. And those who just want to appreciate Nature and a breath of fresh air will easily find a place to rest and admire the landscape. The Tatton Park (www.tattonpark.org.uk) is visited annually by more than 750 thousand people, attracted by the enormous gardened area with spaces so diverse such as an Italian garden, a rosary or a Japanese garden. It also has a farm with pigs, ducks and chicken where children can discover how the animals live and ride a pedal tractor. It is also the site for many cultural events. A few kilometres from Manchester is the Heaton Park (www.heatonpark.org.uk), yet another vast green area that offers experiences such as sailing a boat around the lake, riding horses and an animal farm. It also includes golf courses and outdoor cultural events.Even quieter is the Fletcher Moss Park next to the Mersey River, the ideal place for all of those who enjoy Nature since it has a Botanic Garden and some animals in their natural habitat. The Prestwich Forest Park is perfect for cycling, running or walking. There are 200 hectares of forest with amazing tranquillity very close to the city, where it is also possible to find animals.