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For a romantic stay, Moscow offers couples beautiful spaces, where calm and silence are allied to the colourful vegetation. In this experience we highlight the parks and gardens that decorate the Russian capital that represent places of relaxation by excellence and so very inviting for lovers.

Small and cozy, the Hermitage Garden can be the motto for a romantic experience in Moscow. One of the oldest resting places of the city, in Karetni Riyadh Street, this monument is dedicated to couples in love. In summer, the Hermitage becomes a sea of flowers and in winter the attraction is an ice rink. Who flirts there may visit theaters and restaurants that are comprised in this space, you may be lucky enough to see a squirrel or a pheasant. Another area to discover is the Sokolniki Park, which lies northeast of the city. Extending over 600 hectares, the park invites both lovers to a stroll through lime trees, birches and pines. Among the most romantic and enigmatic places are the Moscow Patriarch's Ponds that along with the Victoria Park and the old Estate Tsaritsyn can become an ideal itinerary. Don’t forget a night for two; our advice goes for a choice between a club and the nightclubs of the city.